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Is your website selling the way you hoped for ?

by Miami Web design
2 November 2010

Are you satisfied with your current online income ?

Are you satisfied with your website ?

Chances are, you already have a website, or are about to build one. You might be wandering what important factors make a website a big success.
Here’s a 4 point list we have found fundamental for your online business success:

  • Talk directly to your audience.
    Make sure that if you sell a services, such as 24 hs locksmith service, you talk directly to people with that need. There’s no point of being very broad on your communication efforts if you know exactly what type of people or situation your users might been experiencing when they find your website (Imagine a mom that after a long day’s work realized she can’t find her keys!)
  • Tell the story with real images.
    Would you like to leave your opponents out in the dust? Use real images. Nowadays everybody has a digital camera and it’s much better to use real photos of real situations that stock bank photos. At the end of the day, your customers might understand that you’re all about honesty and true advertisement
  • True Advertising.
    It’s fine to be bold on your advertising statements, but don’t be pushy with your prospect clients. Talk to them directly, as if they were long time friends, and empower them to make the right decision by hiring your services.
  • Continuing updates.
    Keeping a fresh and updated website image can be compared to have a clean and tidy office (Imagine having a calendar without updating today’s date) Your customers want to see progress and fluidity on your communication. Let them know what’s new and exciting this last week in your business.

4 important tips to keep in mind while you create your new website.

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Video for the masses – Creating the right mixture of content and entertainment

by admin
3 April 2011

Anybody can design a website or a flyer without having a lot of graphic or communication knowledge… but that doesn’t mean that they’re capable of doing it in a proficient and effective way. Bad advertising is more expensive that no advertising at all.
This is true for small, medium and big business. The fact that you want to communicate to your audience isn’t necessary a point A to point B solution. You message has to be approachable and very clear for your customers to understand, a little more than speaking into their same language, you should speak into their necessities and aspirations. That’s why just having a video camera is not enough.
Remember, it’s not the arrow, is the Indian
. It’s very common for amateurish promotional videos to fail in their communication goals. Either because the video message isn’t clear at all or simply because  it has been buried among several other ideas that constantly compete for viewer’s attention, and regardless of all that, always keep in mind that your audience’s most important resource is its attention span. Your message should be displayed early on. Don’t make your audience sit through seconds, or even minutes, of slide shows and Powerpoint effects. That era is over, stay away from inefficient transitions that drive the attention away from your objective. In most audio visual narration the most effective transition between shots is always a simple an effective cut between scenes or camera angles. Dissolves are mostly used to narrate time passing between a segment of the storyline. This concepts have been tested and proven effective everyday by millions of movies, commercials and industrial videos all over the world.

So, as a conclusion, make sure your narration is simple, as well as your online communication. Tell your story in an enjoyable way and be quick, try to hook up your audience as soon as possible, wasting their time would surely hurt your brand and ultimately your message.

How do you monetize on your interactive ROI ?

by admin
19 January 2011

This topic is often overlooked by many small and medium business owners while they develop their interactive and digital strategy. Generating a sustainable path to the future growth of your business has many steps. Not only on the physical world, but also in the intangible virtual community.

Set up your goals

First of all, ask yourself what’s the main purpose of your online communication effort.

  • User research
  • Service expansion
  • Promotional

Any of this three reasons are a very good place to start setting up your investment goals. Many business owners tend to stick with a simple research approach. They want to have all their content available for their clients, day and night. This is a consistent approach throughout the industry. It serves more as a virtual brochure of product and service but one that it’s hard to track and monetize to justify new investment. We could say that there is no best and worst solution to this problem. Each business and product is unique by itself, and should have a one of a kind approach, but there are some techniques that might help to solve this problem, and that don’t require a lot of investment to implement.

It’s time to promote!

Discover where is the traffic coming from. Establish what are the keywords that trigger better results on your landing pages, and create a number of promotions only for the web. You can provide client’s discounts only redeemable at your store or service. You could also ask for user’s email and name to confirm the promotion’s success rate and scope.

Get the big picture

Establish the success of your online communication by getting more back. Tell your current customer about the online promotions and how can they save next time the shop or inquire about your services.

An organized road to web success

by admin
10 December 2010

Organized Sitemaps

There are many smart ways to keep your content up to date. By far, one the most useful techniques utilized by all the popular web player, is the site map. A site map divides your content in specific links that allow your visitor to browse and find content as quickly as possible.

Isn’t better to get search results ?

In some cases it could be more frustrating for your audience to find what their looking for by a search box. This can be due in part to a poor search algorithm from your search system or simply a complicated page structure and tagging.

Remember that a search box normally would only look for word matches and not a topic category as a whole.
When you use a site map you’re dividing your content into easy categories. Their structure is formulated to itemize different topics and ideas inside your website.

A good site map should access instantly, without complicated structure and with minimum bandwidth, mostly text and simple icons. Most websites such as and other miami design studios have decided to include a sitemap on almost all the pages of their web experience, thus allowing you to browse from any page to any topic or category instantly. This is a very successful model to organized your web design, no matter what content and information you provide to your users.

Optimizing your content for mobiles and tablets

by admin
6 December 2010

Optimize for everyone

Nowadays is very important to optimize your content. No matter in what industry you’re in, it doesn’t matter if you are in finance or if you are an AC repair company, new online lead can happen at any time and as a business owner you cannot ignore a new opportunity. That’s why you should always optimize your content, I’m not talking about just optimizing for SEO (Search engine optimization) but also for mobile devices and new intelligent tablets such as the Apple Ipad and the Samsung Galaxy.
Just think about it for a second, a customer might be answering his email sitting at the couch with his Ipad when he realizes that the air conditioner is making a weird noise, goes online, looks for a Miami reapair shop and … Your content is not displaying properly, your images are not right and the customer gets a bad feeling about your business. Your website should be accessible for any user, no matter what platform and mobile hardware he are using.

Avoid using Flash for your content

Either by ignorance or due to a lack of expertise, some web designers tend to use Flash for website’s navigation and content. Although a new segment of cellphones are capable of display this technology, the experience is slow and complicated to say the least. For a simple look and feel It’s always a good idea to just stay away from this technology.

Mobile explosion

US Mobile Internet Users is expected to grow 82% to 2013 according to a report by emarketer. That’s a jump from 73.7 million in 2009 to 134.3 million in 2013. This not only helps re-enforce the notion that mobile content is here to stay, but it also marks a bigger tendency for the US market toward mobile access despite faster and cheaper internet access. You should make sure your content is up and ready for the mobile masses.

How important is being local. 5 fundamental tips your business can’t ignore

by admin
4 November 2010

How to be a local business on internet?

Local marketing that helps local people.

Although we’re constantly buying and selling around the world we tend to use the word globalization, as if we were international analyst. We can all agree on how fast and easy it’s to access content and information from all over the world. However, it’s very important as an individual and as business owner to extend your ties in your community.

It’s not just about doing business, but also weaving personal relationships with your neighbors and people at your trade that can lead you into discovering hidden treasures about your area and community.

This is one of the fundamentals pillars of being local. Either if you’re an individual or a business extending your social network and your local marketing campaigns would help you take your business into a new level. Let’s discuss where can we use this techniques and make the most out of your local audience:

  1. Local directories.

    This services allow you to include your local event or business in an interactive map or calendar. Local audiences can browse this map and find your offers and promotions.

  2. Google places.

    With the current growth for the PDA and intelligent mobile devices, Google places provides you with a QR code sticker [ QR stands for Quick response and is a flat bar code icon ] that has you business information. Once you’re customers scan this icon they can identify and comment about your business or event inside the Google places map.

  3. Reviews and critique.

    It’s just no a matter of being on the map, it’s important for your business authenticity and reputation to also have some objective and positive feedback from your customers. Prospect clients would feel more at ease when they see impartial reviews about your services and support. It’s important to make clear that although you can have good and bad critique, there’s always the possibility of bad faith reviews with the only objective of hurting your image and your sales. Mediation has proven to be a complicated process with third party sites.

  4. Local forums.

    It’s very likely that your town has already a very active forum dedicated exclusively to local information and activities. This forums are usually filled with local people that want to share their experiences living in your city. This is a great opportunity to promote and share what’s new with your service and business.

  5. Groupon and local promotion sites.
    This type of promotions are relatively new, but they promise to reach very high levels of acceptance by local users. The uniqueness of this approach relies on the fact that your paid promotion is only being introduced at your local market, without spending money in cities or towns where you don’t have any interest.
    This promotions would generally be targeted to a specific item or service, and they would all carry an expiration date to redeem your promotion.This is a very good and interesting local alternative, although you might be promoting a service that might not be ideal for Groupon list, it will depend on the type of product you’re offering.

Regardless of the options you choose for your website, don’t forget about the people next door. All the local clients and opportunities you might missed without the proper positioning. Try any of this 5 tips and you would start to extend your local clientele.
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